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Family History

1.    Information about Beaver

2.    Information about Webster & Co.


Web Updates

This is where any additions to my website will be announced. If you've visited before and want to know what's changed, then take a look here first.

Paragon Marketing Establishes Internet Presence
See Geoff Webster for more details.
Coat of Arms Explanation
See the Coat of Arms article for more details.

Topics of Interest

These are the topics of interest I've shared with you so far to date. You may want to also search for other topic areas by keyword.

Feb 2000 - Coat of Arms
Jan 2009 - 2009 R'n'R Sea Cruise
Jan 2004 - Family Excursion Unearths Past
Feb 2004 - Lecture Notes


Upcoming Personal Events

Here I'll be listing those personal events of possible interest I will be going to this year. Please contact me if you would like further details about these events.

Rock the Reef, Great Barrier Reef, August 2009 (www.rocknrolltravelclub.com)
Wintersun Nostalgia Festival, Coolangatta, Queen's Birthday Weekend (www.wintersun.org.au
Rockin' The Waves Sea Cruise 7, Queenland, Oct 24 - 31/09 (www.rocknrolltravelclub.com)
Modern Jive Sea Cruise, South Pacific, Aug 1 - 12/09 (www.modernjivetravelclub.com)

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